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The doctor prescribed me with Xenical. I was definitely in need for that buy sadly the costs were quite high. It's amazing to have found your generic products that work just as well but do not cost the same. Very competitive prices I must add. Thanks!!.
- - Martha


Generic Xenical - Frequently asked questions

If you are overweighted, there is good news for you. Generic Xenical is now available online with a low price and without the need for a prescription. Moreover, it has free shipping within Europe.

Generic Xenical is recommended for who?
Generic Xenical is recommended for individuals that possess a BMI or body mass index over 30 or those with over 27Kg/m2 and at risk of diabetes type 2.

Any idea of how much weight I will lose?
Clinical studies show that Xenical can assist you in losing around 10% of your body weight in 1 year.

Is there any special instructions to take generic Xenical?
Nothing too elaborated. The usual Xenical dose is 120mg. Just take one capsule with each of the three main meals you eat on a daily basis (before, during or right after your meal). Please remember that Xenical will only work if there is fat in your food intake. For example, if your meal does not contain fat  or you can't have our regular meal, you may skip your Xenical intake on that meal.

Is Xenical safe? What are the side effects?
As many medicines nowadays, Xenical presents a few side effects but none are serious and should be only temporary. They might include gas, fatty or oily stool and increased rate of bowel movements. If any of these persists and you feel concerned, please talk to your doctor.

Is there anyone that should stay away from Xenical?
Yes. People should not take Xenical if they are allergic to any of the substances. Also if you are currently breast-feeding or possess an impaired liver function, Xenical is not recommended for you.

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