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The doctor prescribed me with Xenical. I was definitely in need for that buy sadly the costs were quite high. It's amazing to have found your generic products that work
just as well but do not cost the same. Very competitive prices I must add. Thanks!
- - Martha


Purchase Xenical Online

Losing weight is now possible thanks to generic Xenical. You can buy Xenical online at a low price and with no prescription required. Moreover, there is a FREE and discrete delivery to Europe.

What is in fact Orlistat (Xenical)?
Orlistat is the active ingredient in Xenical. It is used for obesity management purposes and weight maintenance. It is highly effective when used together with a low calorie diet.

What can I expect from the use of Xenical?
Clinical tests show that 3 out of 4 patients did lose considerable amount of weight (twice the loss from individuals on placebo). Moreover, most patients managed to keep their new weight. Orlistat prevents the regain of the weight lost.

How should I take Generic Xenical?
Please take a capsule during (or up to 1 hour after) for each main meal. Also, you should follow a low-calorie, nutritionally balanced diet that provides no more than 30 percent of its calories from fat. If you skip a certain meal, or it simply does not contain no fat, you may skip Xenical for that meal.

Xenical common Side effects
As you already should know, every medicine possess side effects. Xenical is no exception and may cause oily or fatty stools, increased number of bowel movements and possible diarrhea.

Is there any differences between brand Xenical and Generic?
No, nothing at all besides the price. Both are made from the same active ingredient (orlistat). It is proved that both guarantee the same results.

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